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Our Services


Web Application

Start of with fresh mobile responsive websites to compliment your Brand, extend your business reach and enable you to engage with potential customers.


Mobile Application

See your creative mobile app ideas materialize through updated coding standards to get a native and smooth user experience.


Custom Software

Join with us to create cutting edge solutions to your business problems with 100% scalability. We specialize in creating Custom Software solutions for multiple industries.


CMS Based

Scale up your online presence on your choicest content management system. Our core team of CMS experts can help you optimize your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal websites for performance and efficiency.


UI / UX & Front End

Consult with our fabulously artistic Art team to create beautiful mockups for your MVP or Alpha Product. Our design and media teams can provide you with multiple options in UI that can garner a lasting impression.



Enable Oxil’s Cloud support executives to setup and manage your cloud-based instances. We save you from the hassle of seeking expertise in cloud management, time as well as overheads by providing cost efficient cloud management and solutions.



Get Beautiful fast loading, mobile focused stores to house your products, enhance your reach and increase your online sales.



Dive deep into the marketing trends and dynamics. Integrate a sales focused self-sustaining marketing Strategy that enhances your reach and revenue.


Custom CRM

Revolutionize your customer management, sophisticated business operations and sales using custom CRM solutions offered by Oxil. Our CRM developers are well equipped to code your desired CRM upgrades and To-Do’s in a breeze.

Working Process

We believe that the core to every project’s completion and success lies in open communication. Communication with the Key Stake Owners with the attention to detail and thorough communication internally within the team to ensure that the implementation is spot on.

With this in mind, we start every new project through the following step, each of which solidifies the approach to execution, implementation, review and deployment.

01. Research

During the initial communication phase about the project, we research on all possible angles and techniques of development. We present these as options and commit to the technique which promises smooth transition of the idea and offers native functionality and customization.  

02. Strategy​

We provide clear timelines of the project’s development with the focus being on reviews. We enable projects owners to be involved in the process and be able to drive the execution. We also align our marketing experts to advise pre and post launch marketing strategies to ensure a quick ‘to market’ capability and with it – profitability.

03. Develop

Development of the project is divided in Milestones, where core functionality is prioritized alongside design and UI additions. Cosmetic changes, feedback edits and upgrades are carried out as updates while QA proceeds with further perfection. The entire process is planned to facilitate the client and their marketing schedule.

04. Deliver

Final Testing or Alpha Launch is the key phase of project delivery and deployment for Oxil Solutions. During this, we also involve the close-knit Oxil community to partake in beta testing. This process has enabled us to streamline not only the intricacies of the project but also many facets of development. The result is a perfectly built and responsive product that we are proud to showcase.

Modern Technologies

Our team is equipped with capable coders, designers and developers who are well experienced in trending technologies as well as niche technology stack – find out more on what we have been doing by visiting our portfolio page.

In Early 2021, right when Brick and Mortar Stores were badly hit by Covid Lockdowns throughout- Oxil Solutions helped 74 Businesses and Niche Shops display their inventories online and stay afloat in the rapidly receding economy.

Those Stores have now turned into some of the most buzzing and high selling ecommerce brands catering to orders globally. Check these stores out in our Portfolio.

We are also credited to have created the Fastest Growing IOT business in the US for a Miami Based entrepreneur. Their Asset tracking platform which uses PHP and is built by Oxil Solutions is being used by a multitude of Auto Financing and Automotive Giants in the US. Check Who they are Here.

Oxil Solutions has also converted multiple education and aptitude test courseware programs into Mobile apps. These have now become some of the most downloaded mobile apps on both AppStore and Google Play. Check these out too on our Portfolio Page.

So what’s next?

Let’s talk about your idea